Blow Dry Bar

You might’ve heard about a blow dry bar from a family member, friend or coworker. Now you will know what it actually is? Around for decades, Blowout hair treatments have been giving girls marvellous looks. The definition of a blowout has evolved with the rise of blow-dry bars at various salon. It is the simplest process, as a blowout is an art of drying hair after a wash to make a smooth, sleek look and style with no curling or flat iron involved.

What is a Blow Dry Bar?

A blow dry bar is a hair salon that gives exclusively blowouts, which includes a wash, blow dry and hair styling but no cut, no colour. However, at a Dry bar, we have much more than that. Blowouts provide you 45 minutes of relaxation, beautification, and happiness. You have some time to get together with your besties before the party starts and get pampered while enjoying complimentary drinks. Not only that we also offer additional services, such as a 10-minute scalp massage or deep conditioning hair mask to further nourish your hair and relax your mind too.

Why Do People Get Blowouts Regularly?

There is no such question as “why” most probably the question is really WHO is taking advantage of professional styling? 

Here are some points that may clear your confusion, such as:

  • Who struggles with the thickness, or texture of the hair?
  • Sometimes simply we have no time to spend drying and styling the hair.
  • Some people want a polished manageable style that lasts.
  • Who is facing daily hair issues such as oily scalp or heat damaged hair?

How Does a Blowout Work?

We have to change the traditional blowout, and so here we offer 8 unique styles, from old Hollywood waves to sleek, city-inspired hair, to get the look you desperately want.

Here are the basic steps to giving our signature style blowouts:

  • We’ll prepare your hair with an intense shampoo and conditioning wash.
  • When your hair is clean, we will use a towel to dry it to get rid of any excess moisture.
  • After that, we apply some good quality product to condition and detangle the hair before the blowout begins.
  • Then we will section the hair using hair clips to separate strands without leaving dents.
  • Then using a blow dryer and round ceramic brushes, also using a controlled technique to minimise frizz and get the style of your choice.
  • The last moves are the “cool shot” to set your hair, locking in style and shine.
  • To add finishing touches, such as soft dimension and texture we use high-quality hair products.

A blow dryer will never get as hot as ironing tools, so you can achieve the style without risking damage to your hair.

You can now get the professional results from the comfort of your own home whenever you want. In the last few years, hairdryer technology has come on leaps and bounds. And with the right tools and a bit of patience, while you practice, you can style your hair into a professional blowout do in no time.

How Long Does a Blowout Last?

A blowout is designed to last longer and it can hold its shape anywhere from 3 to 5 days. Sincerely depending on the texture and thickness of your hair. If you start to treat yourself to blowouts regularly then your hair may start to adapt to the shape and style and that making it last a little bit longer each time. Additionally, we also consult hairstyle tips and offer products. Like dry shampoo and conditioner, which help absorb oils, clean your hair and extend your blowout in between services.

What Kind of Style Can Provide a Blow Dry Bar for Curly Hair?

When a curly hair is pulled with the heat of a blow dryer and brushed out with a comb, your end result is the big, textured, semi-straight look like some of our favourites heroines.

Do you know? a blowout is an in-between step to straightening natural hair as during this process the blow dryer breaks down the strand’s temporary bonds. Your hair is at its most flexible state when it is wet, that means your hair will be weaker when soaking wet. So, you may want to blow dry damp hair instead of soaking wet hair to avoid damage. You can apply heatless blowouts if you are currently transitioning to natural hair as you just don’t want to risk getting more heat damage.

You should keep the style for a week and then clean out with a deep condition on wash day. To do a perfect blow out, make sure you are using the right tools. Also, you have to give your hair a break, that means to not repeat blowouts every week as you will ultimately face dryness and heat damage. To maintain and keep your curls healthy you can try out this style around once a month, between blowouts, use a moisturising and heat protectant for extra support.

You can also minimise damage by decreasing the amount of tension, here are the best three ways to do this:

  • Boost slip by working B’Leave in throughout the hair also you can add a few drops of MirrorCurls
  • Use finger comb before styling, to minimise tangles.
  • If needed use wide-spread bristles and go easy on the tension. It may take a while longer, but your hair will thank you.

Many people use re-ironing, but when people end up with the most damage, they forget to re-apply heat protectant. Ironing over the same pieces again and again, applying heat to your hair can force your curls to remain permanently “stretched out.” Some stylists believe that leaving your hair in a straight state for as little as two days it can start to force curls to stay stretched.

Tips For Your Best At-Home Blowout Ever

Towel off the right way:

Don’t even think about bringing heat anywhere near your hair, dripping moisture out first. But go gentle it is always a good idea to use a very soft towel. Don’t twist and toss your hair around with your towel, it is best to use a wide tooth comb and gently detangle your hair, then use a towel to dry the scalp.

Play rough:

Before a brush comes anywhere near your head, using a spray before rough-drying hair to about 60 to 75 percent of the way. It will prevent frizz if you have fine or limp hair and want a bit of volume. When it close to dry, just run your fingers through your hair and tousle it back and forth with the blow dryer to get the moisture out. If you have thick, or curly hair. You should start with a round or flat brush right away and skip the rough-dry.

Say no to thermal brushes:

You should stay away from stiff, plastic bristle thermal brushes. The fact that they’re marketed as blow dry tools, but they get too hot and cause frizz and ineffective smoothing. We recommend using either a 100 percent boar bristle brush or a mixture of boar bristle and soft synthetic bristles.

Dry three ways for pin-straight hair:

  • Firstly, Brush your hair forward towards your face while following with the blow-dryer. 
  • Number two, after a few passes, brush it towards the back or your head. 
  • And the last steps are drying your hair straight downward, directly perpendicular to the floor.

Don’t worry about the back:

If the front has a great shape, your hair will look amazing so to get a bouncy shape. Take the front section of your hair on one side and pull it straight out like in front of your nose. Put the brush on top of the hair and roll it down the hair section. Then gradually heat up the section from underneath until it’s dry while rolling the brush-up and away from the face. Do it on both sides it gives a bit of volume at the root. This can help add shape at the front of the face.

Rediscover the diffuser:

Do you know? Certain styles demand a diffuser, so the right tool is a necessity if you’re trying to preserve natural curl or wave. Even if you want that volume, either lean your head back or flip your head over and dry with the diffuser. If you have curly hair, use a leave-in conditioner or curl cream to avoid frizz. On the other hand, if your hair is straighter, spray texture mist, then fold sections of hair into a figure eight shape.

Focus on proper pony placement:

To make your blowout last as long as possible, in that case, knowing proper ponytail placement is key. A straight blowout pulls your ponytail to the nape of your neck to make the hair flat. If you’re looking for bouncy volume, do the opposite, avoid elastics, as they will leave a dent.

A professional blowout is a way to get your hair looking and feeling marvellous. You can get it within minutes. Your stylist can make a glossy, natural style with no curl or flyaway hairs that will feel fabulous. Though professional blowouts are costly, so many of us that can afford to have one every time we wash our hair. There’s no need to be disheartened as we offer affordable prices but the best service for you.