Brow Bar

HD Brows have been around for a while now probably considered one of the best brow treatments. It is very effective to fluff up, intensify and restructure even the flimsiest, most over plucked of brows, this is the reason it’s known as “high definition” brows too.

Microblading has taken the world by storm, but it doesn’t offer the same benefits as HD Brows.

HD Brows is a bespoke eyebrow treatment. So it is completely personalised to you and offer more than a standard eyebrow wax and tint. Here more room for experimentation as HD Brows is a little less permanent. Additionally, it is a lot cheaper than microblading, making the treatment a good option for when you haven’t got a few hundred to drop on overhauling your eyebrows.

HD Brows

HD Brows is not a single hair-removal technique, this treatment does a little bit of everything—from waxing, threading, tweezing and tinting. It has the feature of customising the style depending on your individual brow profile and the look you’re trying to achieve.

Before progressing onto treatment you and the therapist consults about it. It’s a completely personalised service, so you needn’t worry about emerging from the salon with funny or irritating brows that don’t suit your face. Each step of the HD Brows treatment is completely bespoke from the initial appointment to aftercare process. The end result is always what suits you the best.

Preparation, Sensitivity & Patch Testing

Each client must perform a patch test a minimum of 48 hours prior because after every HD Brows treatment you may face allergy to any product at any time. Make sure your safest treatments an optional wax test may also be offered to clients 24 hours prior also. If no reactions have occurred, you can go ahead with further treatment

The first step is to cleanse the brow area using an alcohol-free wipe to remove any traces of make-up and to sterilise the eyebrows. The professional may use brow tools, comb the hairs straight to see the natural eyebrow shape as well as the face shape.

Patch Test

Patch testing is a process of testing your skin, how it reacts with a small amount of product. It allows us to monitor and check the area for any signs of a reaction. You’ll be able to identify an allergy before being fully exposed to the products on your skin.

Our bodies can develop an allergy to any ingredient at any time, regardless of previous exposure and so there are no guarantees to any patch test. But, that doesn’t make the test less important, this testing is for your safety and convenience. Some salons may prefer a ‘Topical Patch Test’. In this process apply a blob of the dye to your arm.

Patch testing and completing a Client Record Card before every treatment is designed with your safety as the priority. It follows the best industry standards and guidelines. Making sure you follow all the advice of your HD Brows Stylist.


Consultation is playing a vital role and so it’s one of the most important parts of the treatment. We have to check there is nothing that can affect the treatment or prevent the treatment from being performed.During the consultation, we try to find out exactly how you envision your brows and what expect from the treatment. So we can make sure it is achievable and give you what you want. Brows are subjective. Sometimes it creates a gap between what you think suits you and what we think. That’s why consultation helps us to make a perfect decision.

High Definition Brows

The first step is to make high definition brows, it takes between 30-45 minutes to create bespoke brow, tailored exclusively for you.

Over-plucked and Sparse Brows

If you have over-plucked and sparse brows still you have the possibility to achieve high definition brows.

Our specialist stylists will work with you on a regrowth programme. And eventually, you achieve the perfect brow shape. Regrowth programme varies from person to person, to get a remarkable result we to recommend this treatment every 4-6 weeks. Before that time, with a little makeup application, demonstrated by our Stylist is pretty helpful


In this process, we use a custom-blended tint to colour the hairs as well as pick up any fine, fluffy hairs. These hairs can be incorporated into the new design shape of the brows and give the appearance of fuller brows. 

This can reduce the need for makeup also helps to create a shape that you probably didn’t even know was possible. In tinting, it only picks up any hairs that are lighter than the current brow colour and matched up to create natural looks.

Eyebrow tinting Lasting Period

Normally, the HD Brows tint can last from 2 – 4 weeks, but there are so many factors to consider and the eyebrow tint won’t last the same on everyone. 

One of the major reason to lost tinting period is hair type. Some hair will hold the pigment for a longer period and gives maximum results. On the contrast, some hairs won’t absorb the pigment as much and resulting in the colour fading quicker.

Your Skin can also be a Factor

Your skin type can also affect the durability of the tint as oilier complexion might find the tint will fade sooner. If you have drier skin and use a rich moisturiser, this could also result in the tint fading. 

So you should apply a moisturiser around the brows but not go through the brows to maintain long-lasting results.


HD Brows Stylists make a unique waxing style. The design formula and method of waxing is completely different to traditional waxing. A combination of hair removal creates long-lasting, defined results.

Pain-Free Waxing

During the waxing process, you feel comfortable because this wasn’t a patch on the pain of regular waxing- think warm wax, teeny tiny wax strips, and minimal pulling.


HD Brows threading is not used to design the shape of the brow. Rather it is used to blend away any wax lines to ensure smooth makeup application and to make the brows pop.


At last, any remaining hairs are tweezed away for a clean finish as long brow hairs are trimmed so they fall in line with of the brow shape. Sometimes, makeup is applied to any sparse areas to illustrate how the brows will look if they are left to grow in. Approximately 80% of clients are benefited on a regrowth program. It helps them along their brow journey and achieves their ultimate brow goals.


We’re all guilty of not maintain guidelines, rules, instructions. So please make sure you do read the aftercare leaflet your stylist gives you to make sure you get the most out of the treatment.

It is important that you become fully aware and understand what should be done by yourself both before and after treatment in the interest of your personal health, safety, well-being and to ensure you get the best results. If you have any questions or worries, contact us straight away.

Say no to Tweezers

Try and avoid tweezing in between appointments to do so you get a thicker, fuller brow. Try using the HD Brows palette to disguise these areas.

No Makeup

No makeup after HD Brows for 24 hours. If you do not follow that instruction you may face an outbreak of spots around the brow area following treatment.

No Sun, Steam or Swimming Pools

The skin needs at least 24 hours to recover before any direct sunlight hits it. You have to avoid sunbeds, saunas, steam rooms, and swimming pools.

Keeping the Colour

It appears darker after the treatment but the makeup your stylist uses is not permanent so it will come off when you wash your face.

3 Day Rule

Don’t use any harsh exfoliators or anti-ageing products for at least three days either side of the treatment area. Avoid fake tan at least three days either side of the treatment due to the effect it may have on the tint colour.

How long can you expect your HD Brows to last?

It lasts 4-6 weeks, though tint will fade depending on the strength and frequency of cleansing. Hair type, skin and factors like the sun and chlorine will make it fade quicker. Also, you will lose the shape depending on the speed of your regrowth.


This Brows treatment is completely bespoke, from the personal consultation, shape design, tailoring, and aftercare process. You can achieve what you want straight away. In our salon perform all the steps very carefully and professionally to make your brows attractive.