Brow Bar Cardiff

Everyone fancies looking beautiful and outstanding. Not all of them desire a flawless face, but everyone desire a flaunting skin which shines like a star. Eyes bloom like a flower in the person’s face. Your eyes will twinkle like a star with eyelashes protecting the precious gem and over the eyes are the beautifully arched eyebrows, it makes up a perfect face. Eyes adds on ultimate beauty to the face. To make them even more bloomy they have to be groomed well. The outstanding way to groom your eye brows and make them flawless is having a brow bar treatment in Cardiff.

What is a Brow Bar?

Brow bar is a salon where you can get your eyebrows shaped. There are various techniques which are used like brow waxing, brow threading, brow mapping, brow tweezing and many other techniques being used. Brow bar is different from a salon which you regularly visit to get your hair and other stuffs done.

It is where the professional brow artists get your facial hair waxed, plucked, threaded and tinted. After visiting a brow bar, you will spend admiring your sleek eye brows. Brow bar is not only meant for women even men can get their eyebrows flawlessly done, if they seek for attention.

Treatments Available in Brow Bar


Get your brow shaped with a professional. With the professional artist you get to choose among various shapes which suits your face perfectly well. Get it threaded and give a stunning look to your face.

Facial Wax

Unwanted hairs on your cheeks, upper lip, forehead hairs have to be removed frequently. Facial hair doesn’t look that appreciable on your face, once you get rid of them you see the real you. You tend to look unique but uniqueness is a way to look beautiful.


Are you really tired on repeatedly filling your eyebrows?? Here’s a solution you can get it brown or black tinted, it is partially permanent but it remains for over few years. Make them look gorgeously eye-catchy. These are better to be called as semi-permanent eyebrows because we can’t expect that they can last longer.


Get ready to welcome your new lashes. We would just fix in a makeover eyelash over your original one to make them even more shiny and bushy. Let it look lively. In brow bar you can make them even more beautiful and admirable.


Get your eyelashes curled. Let it swirl around your eyes and gorgeously lighten your face. It creates a very dashing appearance than usual.

There are even more services which are available in Brow Bar Salon.

Why Bellisimos Beauty?

We offer the best treatment. Let your eyes appear flawless and bloom your face. Let the shine on your eyes sparkle and bring in intensely pretty face. Bellisimos Beauty is better than a general salon, because salons which you regularly visit also provide you with all the services like brow bars but they aren’t specialised in it.

We have the well-equipped tools and equipment. We use organic products and various naturally driven oils. It is quite unbelievable if we had said that it can be relatively pain-free during our threading treatment.

Nowadays Brow Bar Treatment is gaining people attention most popularly. You can spend your leisure time at our brow bar in Cardiff. You will feel very relaxed and you can lighten up your boredom of work and stress. There should be some time dedicated to your beauty appointments despite your heavy workload, because your skin and face need nothing else than your attention. We are located in the Cardiff City, you can find your leisure time and come down to meet us. We would love to see you.