Eyelash Extensions Cardiff

Eyelash extensions are used in the enhancement of curliness, fullness, length and the thickness of eyelashes naturally. Materials that extensions come from can vary from synthetic, mink and horse hair mostly. Types of extensions vary from real mink, faux mink, sable, silk, fox hair and synthetic hair. Applying extensions is mainly done by applying glue to stick extensions on the eyelash line. Eyelashes are chosen according to the desired look and style. In application lighter extensions are good for they do not destroy the natural eyelashes. Mascara should not be used at the base of eyelashes to avoid clamping.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Artificial eyelashes should last one long as three weeks maximum if only taken good care of but in the meantime it is completely normal to lose some in the first twenty four hours. Eyelashes extensions have a huge impact on you for they completely change your look and save you on make up money. The process to put on the eyelashes is long and may take up to three hours.

Where Can I Get Eyelash Extensions?

Cardiff city being the capital city of Wales is home to the best beauty salons in the city. The beauty salon offers a variety of services.
Long lasting lashes and selection from a multiple of colours. Bellisimos Beauty simply gives the best beauty treatments in town. Located in the Central Business District of Cardiff city the salon offers the best eyelash fixation in the whole of Cardiff City. Expertise and experience of the staff members to make sure that one looks glamorous and beautiful. All our staff members are fully qualified, insured and experienced to for customer satisfaction. Equipment used is fully operational and safe ensuring. We are on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you would like to check out our work.

Why Come to Bellisimos Beauty?

People choose to have eyelash extensions, for eyelash extensions can be referred to a time saving hack where one saves time on the daily makeup routine giving one a glamorous look with little effort and during appointments and maintenance. Extensions make an individual feel weightless and natural for they help protect natural eyelashes. Eyelashes extensions are water resistant hence save the need for time.

For eyelashes putting them on is a relaxing and a comfortable procedure. People have trust in these eyelashes for they are tested and proven eyelashes. Eyelashes extensions give the eye a perspective of being larger than normal hence bringing that elegant look. Eyelashes extensions tend to boost ones confidence for the fact that the beauty that they bring around with them with the bold colour. Extensions make one feel better about themselves and boost ones morale. The more the extensions that are applied the more the eyes look glamorous and sexy. Hence, we can say that it is a good procedure to put on eyelashes for the beauty and elegance that they bring about.