Lash Lift

We dedicated use tons of products to boosting eyelashes like mascara, eyelash curlers, false eyelashes, and eyeliner. Nowadays we regularly use eyelash extensions, lashify, and lash lifts services to give length and volume for days, weeks, and even months.

You probably shocked that in women world commonly asked questions is about eyelashes. They also interested in a lash lift. The lift ‘lifts’ your lashes up from the base by using the same chemical solution as a perm, but the lash lift uses more of a speed bump-shaped device, rather than a cylindrical rod. 

Without the need for extensions, this will open up your eyes and will give the appearance of longer lashes. The application process will require the same amount of time as a perm but should last slightly longer. If you still remain unsure about which procedure is best for you, then come to us because our lash expert will give you the correct and proper instruction but the final decision will be yours. We are always more than happy to discuss the different treatments with clients at any time.

LVL Lashes?

Thought it like some eyelash mini surgery, don’t worry, it’s painless, and more of a mini-perm than any type of procedure. In short, a lash lift is chemically setting the form of your natural lashes using a chemical solution. But instead of the traditional perms that we know, with tendrils of curls, this version is meant to help your lashes look remarkably thicker, a bit darker, and permanently curled for between eight to twelve weeks.

Patch Testing

The first step is about understanding how beneficial you can actually have after the treatment or not. Nouveau Lashes are obviously very concerned about the safety of the treatment, so you will need to patch test your skin with the various dyes and chemicals before the treatment.

The technician can apply the treatments to your skin in a patch test at least 48 hours before. There is no mandatory rules to go the salon prior to the treatment because Nouveau Lashes are able to send you a patch test kit for home usage.

In patch testing, the expert may apply four different creams to your arm and covered each with a small plaster to ensure if you have no reactions like itching, redness or irritation. If you have none of this, then you’re ready to go.

Client Records

For further safely the technician will ask you a number of questions and make a record card. By this conversation, you probably make a friendly relationship with the technician and so feel more comfortable while the treatments.

Preparation and Cleansing

You have to lie comfortably on the table with your head on a neck pillow, we also provide a hair net is applied over your hair and a headband to your forehead. This headband also used by the technician for placing their tools and dyes, for their easy access to applying the treatment. Before starting the process, we need your lashes cleansed, therefore, we remove eye makeup with cotton pads. We also use Protein Remover Pad to ensure there is no oils or residue are present before the treatment.

Protecting the Lower Lashes

Pads are applied over the lower lashes. This confirms that no lower lashes get caught during the curling procedure. These sticky pads are comfortable, light and most importantly ensuring the lower lashes are pressed down to the skin while the treatment are going on.

Bonding Gel

Your technician will apply a light layer of gel to the shield before applying a small metal tool to press the eyelashes back onto the bonding gel. This bonding gel gently pulls each of your eyelashes backward to stick them to the shield and forming the curve. It is a sensation process but not at all painful.

Curling Shields

The lashes are pressed around a curled shield on your eyelids where the scalloped silicone pads are. Their various bonding formulas are used to the lashes, such as they are dyed for a beautiful end result as well as your lashes come off of the shields, formed into the shape of the curled shields.

Small, medium and large there are three shield sizes available generally. After proper discuss size will determine by your technician, but in normal, it relates to the length of your lashes and your desired end result. The medium shield works for the majority of lash types but the smaller shield can have a more intense lifted effect. And the larger shield is used for those who want a subtler lift. it is perfect for those people who have a very natural curl anyway and need a small enhance. If you have very curly lashes may only need a large shield, to get a lifted desired effect, throughout the process your technician can help you to decide.

Lifting Balm and Relax

When all of the lashes fairly bonded in place, the technician may apply a Lifting balm. The balm breaks down the disulphide, and by breaking down the shape of the hair, this enables the technician to be able to change the structure and shape of the hair during a later application. The Lifting gel work on the eyelashes between 10 and 14 minutes depending on the hair type. In the meantime, the technician will often treat you to a neck massage or a hand massage, as a relaxing way to pass the time, and so you may be falling asleep.

Volumising Fix

With the Lifting Gel removed, it’s time to apply the volumising Fix. This yellow cream is applied in the same way, for repair the disulphide bonds in the lashes and fixing them into place in the shape you want them. This procedure may take up to 7 minutes.


The tinting process is the final process. Tinting the lashes give them a greater depth of colour such as blonde or brown lashes into a permanently dark and fluttery look. You have the option to choose to shade like deep black. (Known as Blue/Black) A brown/black will be subtler for who don’t wear mascara. This tint may require between 3 and 5 minutes.

Moisturising Serum

Finally, you have the shape of the curved shield with beautifully tinted. The technician will use a mini brush to remove excess dye and a moisturising Serum is applied onto the lashes to re-nourish the lashes after the treatment.

Eyelash Lift and Tint Advantages
  • You will gain a beautiful, natural-looking eyelash curve.
  • You will obtain opened and accentuated eyes.
  • You’ll need less amount of mascara; some clients stop using it.
  • After treatment, you achieve natural Eyelashes and feel comfortable.
  • This Process require very little aftercare and adjustment period.
  • If you aren’t happy with the outcome, the procedure offers you the repeated procedure to achieve the desired result.
Side Effects
  • You may feel Irritation for 24 hours or longer.
  • Sometimes face short-term dry-eyes syndrome.
  • If you have an allergy, then a skin test several days before the procedure. The test is cheek still you have the same problem or not.
  • The process may last 20–30 minutes after that when you opened eyes, your vision was farsighted. Don not worry, this effect lasted for 30 minutes or so.
  • Allergy and chronic dry eyes syndrome are considered as a long term occur.

We will provide all the guidelines are fairly common sense, but always good to remember.

  • You should avoid contact with your lashes and water for 24 hours. Also keep distance to steam such as cooker, shower or sauna etc. at least for 48 hours.
  • Try not to rub your eyes or play with the shape this will hamper to obtain perfect shape. Also, avoid using eyelash curlers for 24 hours.
  • Protect the lashes when sleeping on the first night after treatment, this is very important. 
  • To maintain the tint, you have to avoid strong sunlight for 24 after tinting.
  • After 48 hours, we recommend using the Lash and Brow Conditioning Serum. This nourishes and helps to enhance their overall condition.

If you carefully researching all existing eyelash enhancing methods. Lash lift is one of the best result provider procedure in the recent past. It depends on how pleased you are with the outcome, which can only be determined by going through the procedure at least once. To get the maximum results you have to do the entire process in a remarkable salon like us. Here an expert is treated you.