Eyelash extensions or lash extensions are the perfect solutions for looking pretty as you desire. The whole procedure normally takes around an hour. Basically, tiny lashes made of mink, silk, synthetic fibres, or even human hair and making for fuller, longer, and thicker lashes to create a natural or more enhanced appearance.

History of False Lashes

Ancient Rome, author Pliny the Elder made a ridiculous hypothesis. He claimed that lashes fell out with excessive sex, so women felt they needed to have long, thick lashes to prove their innocence.

In the 1800’s, lashes became a popular procedure and women implanted it into their eyelids. Some women glued hairs to their eyelids at home but the glue used to adhere the lash hairs was not strong enough, and lashes would often fall off.

In 1911, Anna Taylor patented the false lash. After that, manufacturers made the lash out of crescent-shaped fabric with tiny hairs coming out of it. When filmmaker D.W. Griffith ordered a wig maker to make extremely long false lashes to make an actress’s eyes appear “supernatural” then, it became popular among all women worldwide.

In 1950 lashes were constructed with thin and durable plastic, similar to our modern day false lashes.

False lashes became most popular in the 1960s and then fallen again. In the late 2000s, with advancement in material production of false lashes, women began to wear false eyelashes more regularly to fill in or give the look of fuller lashes. Nowadays, Models have often worn them, though, especially for photo shoots, to uphold certain standards of femininity that appeal to the fashion industry. As not everyone has thick, luscious lashes, but by adding false ones with exceptional care, everyone can look glamorous. Who have lost lash hair due to illness may also use false eyelashes day to day life.

By the technical advancement, in 2006 Japan has introduced a lash-by-lash technique (individual small lashes). It looks more natural because each false lash is attached to each other. The fringe was replaced by a material that looked like sable and mink’s fur so this technique has become extremely popular nowadays.

Types of False Lashes You Should Know About

When you want the eyes to play a bigger role in your makeup look, but mascara just won’t do the trick. False eyelashes are a quick fix that’ll take your beat from mediocre to glamorous in an instant and thankfully, eyelashes are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and types.

Dark, smoky eyes with a thick fringe of lashes add just the right style of beauty and is increasingly becoming a popular look.

Before deciding on the type of lashes you want to enhance your look, consider the shape of your eyes. For smaller eyes, lashes should generally be more spread out and wispy and those who have a larger set of eyes can typically get away with lashes that are fuller and more dramatic.

There are 3 main types of false eyelashes: Strip Lashes, Individual Flare Lashes, and Extensions, here you get all the information that you need to know.

Strip Lashes

Strip lashes are amazing for more dramatic looks and are probably the most common type of false eyelashes. There are a variety of materials used to create strip lashes. One of the highest quality lashes on the market are made from 100% mink other use synthetics like plastic and silk or use human hair. It has a variety style and colour so you have full right to choose according to your personal preference, budget and the expected look you want. It is versatile and can be trimmed to custom fit your eyes or to achieve a specific length.

Individual Flare Lashes

One of the best features of Individual flare lashes allows you to mix and match different lengths to customise your look based on your eye shape. It allows you the flexibility of adding as few or as many as you’d like. Individual flare lashes are more commonly used by makeup artists, they applied it as a big help in increasing lash fullness and to fill in sparse areas. Flare lashes typically come in 3 different lengths and have a lot more control on how the end result will look. You can layer them for a more voluminous look or to make a statement, or add just a few around the outer area of the eye to create flared lashes.


Extensions are different as it is semi-permanent. So Lash Extensions take the longest to apply, but they also last the longest, so your lashes look full from the rehearsal dinner through to your honeymoon. You have to go lash bar or salon to get these done since applying extensions requires a certain license that not all makeup artists have. You can customise almost every element, such as length, thickness, and degree of curl. Two way for removal, you can either visit a technician or simply let them fall out naturally. It is better to do a trial run a month before your wedding to ensure you like how they look? Also, ensure you have any allergic reactions or not.

The Step of Applying False Lashes

One of the questions arise in our mind is that lashes suit me or not. Here are some other common shapes and structures:

Eyelash Extension Aftercare
  • Don’t touch your eyelashes
  • Avoid wet for the first 24 hours
  • Don’t wear mascara
  • Don’t use oil-based makeup remover
  • Do comb the lashes out every morning, and to be really careful
  • Avoid getting your eyelash extensions wet
  • Do not use any oil based mascara, makeup

People who don’t follow the eyelash extension aftercare will lose a lot of eyelashes and might find their aesthetician’s hard work totally gone after a week. However, those who are actively careful can keep her eyelash extensions looking gorgeous for over a month.

You can still wear makeup when applying mascara, use it only on the tips of the extensions to avoid a clumpy look. If you use contact lenses, you can still get eyelash extensions.


Lashes provide you gorgeous eyelashes and fewer needs for makeup though it has little discomfort during the procedure but excellent for special occasions.