Make Up

Looking good helps you feel good. Healthy beauty means smart, scientifically sound ways to care for and enhance your skin, hair, nails, and body. So be careful about Makeup, it can be a game changer.

Definition of Makeup

Makeup is a process using substances (such as lipstick or powder) to make someone’s face look more attractive and enhance the physical, mental, and moral character of a person.

History of Makeup

Ancient Egyptians introduced the world’s first cosmetics from the copper and lead ore. Today we use the scientifically advanced products that can do everything from hiding pores, smooth complexions, and turn the pale green of your eyes a vivid shade of emerald.

Basically, women worldwide acknowledge makeup as humankind for thousands of years. Over the centuries, they used burnt matches to darken their eyes, berries to stain their lips and young boys’ urine to fade their freckles. Women put their health at risk with their homemade cosmetics. In fact, they using toxic such as arsenic, lead, mercury, and even leeches to enhance our looks.

But now multibillion-dollar cosmetic industries must meet strict government regulations. They cannot use harmful elements in products and must follow safe manufacturing guidelines. Today, the most serious injury you’re likely to receive from your cosmetics is an irritation or a rash from using a product that’s too harsh for your skin though safety testing is done. To reduce that just follow proper instruction or go remarkable salon like us where you found all the facilities you need to make your day.

Stunning Bridal Makeup Looks Your Wedding Goals

Once you’ve set the date start scouting out your makeup and hair professionals. Because bridal makeup is not just a matter of one day. If you really have a hunger to look your prettiest and most beautiful on your day. All these makeup tips will help you in looking like a diva on your big day but you have to perform your regular beauty regime.

  • To gain an incredible, monochromatic makeup look, sweep a wash of purplish-pink shadow over your eyelids just intensifying the colour at the outer corners to create a subtle winged effect. 

After that, you can add black eyeliner, mascara, and blend on a dusty rose blush. Finish your look by swiping on a matching lipstick it will bring the entire look together.

  • You have to subtly line lids with softly flushed cheeks, and a strong, wine-coloured lip for a beautiful berry look.
  • You can also try a pop a pale pink on your lips and lids, then top your eyes with shimmery brown eyeshadow. For an ethereal finish, you need a bit of champagne eye colour in the inner “V” corner of your eyes.
  • Another gorgeous, gilded look is to apply a waterproof gold cream shadow over the inner “V” corner of your eyes, then blend a brown shadow over your eyelid and along your lower lash line. A light pink blush and mauve lipstick enhance the appearance.
  • If you want to add drama to otherwise natural-looking makeup by lining your eyes on the top and bottom and then adding a bit of black shadow onto your lid for a sexy, smoky effect. Finish with, contour your cheeks with bronzer and swipe on a nude gloss. That’s it. You are done.
Stunning Makeup Trends Perfect for Prom Night

If you want that a makeup look serves major glamour or more of a simple vibe, then you are in right place. We make you special on that occasion. Here you find all the cutest makeup looks you should def try for prom with the perfect prom dress, to make your look complete.

  • Orange-y shadows are majorly hot right now. You can use a terra cotta shade to shade your crease, then cover the rest of your lid with a popping’ hot pink shade. Also add some more pink below your lashes, then top with an orange-based blush to match.
  • Use dust a matte white shadow across your lids to make your liner pop. After that use a felt-tip liner, draw a thin line along your lash line winging it out at the corner. At last, use the liner to apply tiny dots in three rows following your wing as a guide.
  • All Over Gloss basically, the easiest prom looks ever. It dewy look is so laid-back glam. To do so just pop some clear gloss on your eyelids, then smudge it on your lips.
  • Mermaid Eyes is another most popular prom makeup. You feel so aquatic because of shades of blue and green. A light blue shade to cover your eyelids, then adds a Smokey grey to the crease for a sulkier vibe. Bright teal-green liner under your lashes is also essential.
Easy, Quick Glam Makeup

Here is a simple but effective process for your glam makeup.

  • First, apply foundation all over face not forgetting your neck or ears. Then apply concealer on under eyes, chin, nose, and forehead and blend out with a beauty blender. 
  • Now with a contour powder apply this to the hollows of your cheeks, jawline, and hairline, and add some mauve blush to the cheeks.
  • After that, fill in your brows.
  • First apply a skin-toned shadow all over the lid, then with a brown shadow blend this into the crease of the eye. With a darker brown you have to the same thing keeping it a little lower than the last shadow. Finally, apply a golden highlighter to the inner corner and on the brow bone.
  • Apply a matt red lip in lips.
  • You can also try the inner corner highlight to the highest points of the cheeks for the natural glow.
  • Apply mascara to the lashes and some false lashes to help open up the eyes, use a black pencil to the waterline.
The Rise of Asian Makeup in the West

Fashion conscious has used make-up to get their look just right and keep up with fast-moving trends. Nowadays, the global beauty industry is experiencing a revolution driven by South Korea also called K-beauty.

Always remember to moisturise your skin in the day and night. Korean skincare has one of the key elements to having dewy skin. If your skin is on the dry side, you can use a leave-on night mask cream. Koreans prefer to keep colours on the eyelids to a minimum as they prefer a more natural look rather than having makeup too obviously piled on. The gradient lip makeup trend has taken over the world but do you know it actually originated from Korea.

It makes your lips look fuller, the basic principle behind a gradient lip is to use a darker shade on the inner lips and then use a lip brush, a cotton bud, or your finger to mix it outwards to create an awesome gradient effect. Lightly pat a tiny bit of concealer over your lips before you begin doing your gradient lips, it will make the colour and the gradient look more obvious from the contrast. You can also opt to top off your gradient lips with a clear lip gloss to give your lips a juicy, succulent look.

Trending Mehndi / Henna Designs

Henna is a great and safe way to create designs on your skin without the permanent effects of a tattoo.

  • Classic Henna Designs
  • Henna Tribal Tattoo
  • Henna Toe Tattoo
  • Henna Foot Designs
  • Henna Leg Tattoo
  • Henna Ankle Tattoo
  • Henna Shoulder Tattoo
  • Henna Arm Tattoo
  • Henna Quote Tattoo
  • Henna on Dark Skin
  • Henna Designs on Side of Hand
  • Henna Ring Tattoo
  • Henna Bracelet Tattoo
  • Henna Engagement Designs
  • Henna Butterfly Designs
  • Henna Wedding Designs
The Brand We Use

We use the world recognised the brand product. Such as:


e.l.f. Cosmetics is an international brand based in New York City. This company set up by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba in 2004.We also use smashbox products and morphe brushes.

Kylie Cosmetics

It is an American cosmetics company founded and owned by Kylie Jenner. After the release of the liquid lipstick and lip liner set on November 30, 2015, it became more popular.

MAC Cosmetics

Frank Toskan and Frank Angelo is a founder of MAC Cosmetics in 1984. The company is headquartered in New York City and MAC is an acronym for Make-up Art Cosmetics.

Kat Von D

Katherine von Drachenberg is an American tattoo artist. She is known as Kat Von D. Beside this, she is also model, musician, author, entrepreneur, and television personality. She owns Kat Von D Beauty company.


NYX Cosmetics is named after Nyx, the Greek goddess of the night. It is a subsidiary of L’Oréal, founded in Los Angeles by Toni Ko in 1999.

We have the professional artist to look gorgeous as well as gives you a happy feeling. We provide you the courage to stand up among the people with a unique impression. Also, we have all the safety certificates too. So do not hesitate and visit our salon to discovering your real beauty.